i came back to say that i forgot till just now but one of the most jarring experiences of my life was hearing junior asparagus say “and the flame retardant sleeping bag, it didn’t retard like it should”

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so I hatched 2 flawless gastly now that I’ve gone through the four boxes completely. I’m gonna give one away in a flash giveaway. It’s only gonna be today, and only for u, my dear followers. Just reblog. Winner will be chosen tomorrow.

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on that note i’m gonna get some CLEANING DONE 

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straight people can’t reblog this post without adding an annoying shitty comment or tag

hgghgh my surgeon’s office literally faxed over my short term disability paperwork like an hour before HR closed for the weekend so it probably won’t get sent back to our insurance till monday at the SOONEST… hopefully i’ll get the check by next friday anyway 

fortunately i have enough to pay rent but i can’t PAY RENT for another two weeks :/  and i have shopping to do in the meantime lmaoooo

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so i mostly use google docs to store roleplay logs, but sometimes i’ll write little drabbles or even work-related documents.  

now sometimes i like to scroll through and reminisce:


i went through a frustrating period of not naming a lot of documents, but one in particular caught my eye


so i open it and this is what i’m greeted with


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i consider 80% of my mutuals my friends even though we have never talked just to let u guys know

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i did the sugar/oil aftershave scrub and tore up my skin WHOOPS

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men are so afraid of confident girls and its so funny

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And as promised on the previous page, here’s the new characters that appear to be “blood relatives” of previous students…..

Hiroko Hagakure (CV Chihiro Ishiguro)
A woman with the same family name as the former Hope’s Peak Academy student and Ultimate Clairvoyant, Yasuhiro Hagakure. Though she doesn’t resemble him in appearance at all, she could be thought to be his mom or his older sister or something from her dignified manner?

Yuta Asahina (CV: Toko Aoyama)
A healthy boy with tan skin. He has the same surname as the former Hope’s Peak Academy student and Ultimate Swimmer Aoi Asahina, who appeared in the first game. Going by his young outward appearance, it looks as though he might be her little brother?